Galaxy S6 flashlight

Our phones are most often the easiest way to quickly deploy a flashlight in dark situations, and the Galaxy S6 will let you quickly light up its camera flash to provide that with a simple tap. Rather than use a dedicated flashlight app or a key command, you can use a quick launch icon in the notification shade to do the job.

By default the flashlight toggle is the rightmost of the 10 default icons in the notification shade quick launch area (you need to swipe left to the second page) — tap that and your flashlight will turn on. Tap it (or the flashlight notification) again to turn it off.

Galaxy S6 flashlight

If you find yourself using the flashlight more than most, you can position the flashlight toggle to the first page by hitting the "edit" button at the top of the notification shade and long-pressing the button to move it to its desired spot.

Now that you know where to find it, you'll never be caught in the dark so long as you have your Galaxy S6 handy.

Samsung Galaxy S6



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