Nexus 5 and Zens charger


Oh, wireless charging, how I missed you. Having used the HTC One and Moto X for the past 8 months or so, I'd been resigned to plugging in my phone every night. Not a huge deal, of course, but it does become a bit of a pain if you're like me and tend to top off at your desk while you're working.

The Nexus 5 can charge wirelessly, of course. That is, you don't actually have to plug the phone to do so. There are any number of wireless charges out there — and if you have one that's Qi-compatiable, you should be good to go. But I've very much been enjoying the Zens Wireless Charger of late, as provided by our pals at

This is a no-frills wireless charger. It fits a single device, phones or tablets. (I've also been using it with the Nexus 7.) It comes in white or black, and has a single LED that shows you when your phone is properly placed on the pad, and when it's charged. The matte finish does tend to pick up dust, but it also helps keep most phones in place — save for that pesky Nexus 4, which nobody seems able to contain. Four rubber feat on the bottom keep the charger in place nicely.

Probably what I most enjoy about this charger, though, is the slim profile. It doesn't take up anymore space than my phone would, really, and I can tuck the cable out of the way.