Update, January 19: Today, OnePlus confirmed that its credit card systems were breached between November 2017 and January 2018 and up to 40,000 users had their credit card information compromised.

At the beginning of this week, OnePlus officially announced that certain customers that had purchased items from its website had been experiencing fraudulent activity on their credit cards. This resulted in OnePlus removing the option to pay with a debit/credit card directly on its site, and now it's a waiting game to see how long it'll take OnePlus to get this situation cleared up.

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It's currently assumed that this credit card fraud is a result of something going on with OnePlus's payment processor and not OnePlus itself, and in the midst of all this, some of our forum users got to talking about their thoughts on this whole situation.

Here's what they had to say:


Have you ever had your card info stolen? Not so hilarious. Sure, OP may not be the ones directly responsible...just about every company who takes card payments does so using using a third party...but this is still on OP's turf, so it could be a big problem for them. My company went through something like this a while back. It's a nightmare!


Yes, it is OP's responsibility to get this sorted out. I am sure they know what contractor is responsible and have an idea where the hack occurred if indeed it is a case of stolen cards. It could be an inside job. At least OP did not try to cover it up. Not that it makes it any easier for those who are affected. Hopefully those affected do get their credit fixed and that OP steps up to offer...


I too have heard that anyone using PayPal was not affected. I'm feeling bad for OnePlus - they've had some bad press of late. Good phones though. So hopefully this gets sorted quickly!


I just got a text and phone call from Chase. Someone tried to charge over $300. They declined the charge and the account is now closed. Ordered my 5T last week and still waiting on it to be delivered. The delivery was delayed for 3 days and now I'm worried about the phone's performance since it's been sitting around in below freezing temperatures. Maybe I should just give it up and send it back....


If you're a OnePlus customer, we'd like to hear from you – Does the recent credit card fraud affect your decision to do future business with the company?

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