In under two months, we're expecting Samsung to officially unveil its long-awaited Galaxy S10 series of flagships. There's a lot of hype and excitement surrounding the new phones, but even so, that hasn't stopped some people from already looking ahead even further and getting pumped for the Galaxy Note 10.

We aren't anticipating the Note 10 to be released until sometime around August this year, and while details on the phone are virtually nonexistent at this point, a few of our forum members are already putting together wish lists of things they hope/predict we'll get with the phone.


Since we are now in 2019 and the S10 models are only around the corner, Note 10 will follow soon enough after, so as per thread title, let's hear what you think we could be in for. I'm looking at Samsung as well as other manufacturers to try and come up with an idea of what Samsung need to do to be THE PHONE of 2019. 6.75 4k display (credible rumor already) 512/1tb storage options (they...


This means improvements I'd like to see from the Galaxy Note 9: 1. 4500 mAh battery. 2. More options for remote control with the S Pen eg with Internet Browser and PDF readers and the ability to close the opened app(by clicking on the top button). 3. DAC. 4. 8 GB RAM with 256 GB ROM for the base model. 5. Improved camera. 6. WiFi 6. 7. Multiple options for use of the Bixby button. ...


The note 9 does everything I need or want. I would be genuinely happy with an upgraded version. Bigger battery with proper 30,40,50w fast charge. Slightly bigger screen. BUT I would keep it the same if it means no hole. I think they need to do some serious work to compete against the perceived greatness of Google's camera AI. ( I say perceived as I have not seen many shots where I...


For me, anything is fine but the camera has to be killer this time. It's been time that Samsung phones have got a killer camera to compete the Pixels. So, please Samsung give us "Killer Camera".


What about you? What are your Galaxy Note 10 predictions?

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