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Earlier in the week we asked if you thought Google's Nexus program was still relevant. We left the question pretty open-ended, because we are also curious why people think the way they do about a question like this. We have our own thoughts and opinions about what the Nexus program means to us as consumers, and we know you all have the same type of thoughts.

Poll results

Most everyone thinks that the Nexus program is still relevant in 2014. A few were pretty vocal (I'll ignore the nasty ones) but generally everyone can agree that while things have changed somewhat, we still need Google to build and sell Nexus phones and tablets.

Now for the more thought-provoking question — why?

We're pretty vocal about what we think and why we think it. That's part of our job here at AC. Personally, I think Google still needs a Nexus program — where devices are built and sold to consumers — to showcase their software. In the past, Nexus phones were a must-have for app development, but no longer.

There are comments below. Tell everyone why you think the Nexus program still matters.