Our favorite last-gen smartwatch is $100 OFF right now—but who knows for how long

Google Pixel Watch on a charging stand at the Google Fall 2022 event
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Looking for your next Android smartwatch deal? You can get $100 off for the Google Pixel Watch at Best Buy and other retailers right now, but there's no telling how long this deal will last. When it launched in 2022, it was one of our favorite smartwatches, so naturally we're not surprised that it stood the test of time and remains one of our favorite picks on the market — especially if you can pair it with a sweet deal.

The original Pixel Watch has one of the more comfortable and lightweight feels of any smartwatch out there, along with a simple design, rotating crown, and some extremely addicting haptics. Plus, it has a display that's easy to look at, along with a well-designed UI that's highly customizable.

Google Pixel Watch: $279.99$179.99 at Best Buy

Google Pixel Watch: $279.99 $179.99 at Best Buy

You can currently get $100 off the last-generation Google Pixel Watch at Best Buy and other retailers right now. While it's not Google's latest-generation smartwatch, it was pretty well appreciated when it came out in 2022 and it's still a worthy contender at a lower price point than the Pixel Watch 2.

From the minimal design of the Pixel Watch to its user-friendly Wear OS, there are a lot of things worth appreciating here, even for a last-generation smartwatch.

Price comparison: Amazon - $179.99 | Google - 179.99

✅Recommended if: you're looking for a comfortable, lightweight smartwatch and you don't mind going with one from the last generation; you're a regular user of the Fitbit app and want a watch that's already compatible.

❌Skip this deal if: you prefer going with a newer product and think the Pixel Watch 2 might be a better fit for you; you need automatic workout tracking or SpO2 tracking.

If you don't mind going with something that isn't the most recent release, the Google Pixel Watch is a pretty great option. It's the only last-generation smartwatch on our list of the best Android watches, and there's more than one reason why.

The Pixel Watch boasts many of the classic health, GPS, and smart features associated with modern wearables. But it also has a good-looking AMOLED display, the user-friendly Wear OS, and convenient Fitbit app integration for those that already use the suite.

It's worth noting that the Pixel Watch doesn't have true automatic workout tracking or SpO2 tracking, but for most, it has everything needed in a smartwatch. And at $100 off, it's not hard to justify—even for a last-gen offering.

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