Um, wow. After making a big deal about the new Google Phone Store and how it could potentially change everything, could the Nexus One just fall back into the typical way of smartphone life? As in, just be available in brick and mortar stores for whomever, wherever? Maybe. Wal-Mart just put a 'Coming Soon' page for the Nexus One and you can even be notified via e-mail when the item becomes available. The Nexus One page also lists specs and description, so it's more than just any old slip of the click.

But this could be a mistake because the Wal-Mart Nexus One page lists the 3G bands as AT&T Capable (850/1900) when we know its UMTS/HSDPA bands are strictly for T-Mobile. In fact, the page also lists the Nexus One as CDMA capable, which was coming eventually but not until Spring 2010. Or maybe the Nexus One at Wal-Mart could pack all those bands and have 3G on every carrier?

If this is all true, and we blindly hope that it is, we're sure the Nexus One will be able to push more units than the skimpy 20,000 it did in the first week. And if this is true, is this Google admitting a mistake with their original Nexus One philosophy? Or simply an extension of it since the carriers don't get involved?

Hit the jump to see the 3G bands listed for the Nexus One!

[via gizmodo]