Nexus 4

OK, folks. This has gotten ridiculous, and it needs to stop. Now.

The picture you see above is the Nexus 4. I can tell because it says "Nexus" on the back of it -- and because I took that picture back in November. To be precise, I took it on one of two windowsills that's painted with a white oil-base -- I don't remember which --  and chances are I took it more than once because I was particularly bad at using my new Nikon back then. (I'm only marginally better now.)

A badly updloaded and cropped pictureSo here's the thing: That picture started making the rounds today on some Australian site I've never heard of (and I'm fairly sure it's 100 percent bullshit) under the headline "Redesigned LG Nexus 4 Ditches Sexy Back [PICS]." Or perhaps you've seen it with the headline "New batch of LG Nexus 4 Loses its Glittery Back? [PICS]" That's right, folks. It's an SEO scam. Two headlines, two URLs, two bylines. (At least.) The story featured one picture. A single picture. Not "[PICS]." And damned if that one picture didn't look familiar. Here's a screen shot on the left. I'm not linking to it for obvious reasons.

Welcome to the Internet, boys and girls. You just met an SEO scammer.

Sure enough, that's a badly pixelated version of the same picture you see above, with our watermark cropped out. It's the same phone that's sitting in front of me right now. The same phone you see in the main picture of our Nexus 4 review, which I intentionally took to showcase the Crystal Reflective Process LG uses in the back of the Nexus 4, as well as the Optimus G.

The pictures are of the same damn phone. I know. I'm holding it now. It was fudged by someone looking to make a buck. Shocking, I know, to see such a practice on the Internet.

Unfortunately it's not so shocking to see the story picked up by other Android blogs. But rest assured, that picture does not represent a new Nexus 4, and it shines just fine in the right light.

The same can't be said for the folks who fell for this.