Galaxy S7

A few weeks ago Phil asked what you want to see from the Galaxy S7. You let us know in the comments and in the forums, and we've got the breakdown for you. There was plenty to love about the Galaxy S6, but some things — like the battery life — left a bit to be desired.

We dug through everything you said you wanted and compiled the top five features that you're hoping to see from the Galaxy S7. You told us through your comments here on Android Central, as well as over on Youtube. Now, there were a lot of feature requests, so we had to narrow it down a bit: here are your top five:

Better battery life

The most-requested improvement for the Galaxy S7 was most definitely better battery life. You want a battery that has the juice to get you through the day, and then some. The Galaxy S6 simply doesn't have a large battery, and that means that most owners find themselves having to keep charging it back up throughout the day. Considering that for many of us our phones are an integral part of getting through each day, having to keeping a constant eye on your battery just isn't a good time for anybody involved.

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With a larger battery, you're simply better prepared to get through the day whether you're close to a charger or not. Nobody wants to chained to a cord, and getting 8-10 hours of regular use out of your phone before needing to plug in has slowly started to become the norm. A battery that has plenty of capacity and charges up quickly isn't outrageous to hope for in 2016.

Expandable storage

Having access to expandable storage through your phone is the second feature that you told us was essential. It's not hard to imagine why either. Flagship phones are a pricey commitment, and going a year or two with limited storage that you can't expand on can be excruciating. So you want a microSD so that you can pump up your available space to get the most out of your phone.

This last year was the first one we saw without Samsung phones rocking removable storage, and we're actually pretty hopeful for it's return since Marshmallow supports adoptable storage. Judging by the number of people clamoring for it, adding expandable storage back in to their phones might be a good move for Samsung.

Front-facing speakers

When it comes to listening to music or watching videos on your phone, you want to be able to clearly hear what is going on. That's where front- facing speakers come in, and it's the third-most-requested feature by you, the Android Central reader. You want to be able to play your music loudly, rocking out wherever you are, without the sound being muffled in the process.

If you spend a lot of time playing music over your phone, you want the best sound you can possibly get. If the HTC One M9 is any yardstick to measure by, then front-facing speakers simply offer a superior sound experience. While this might be tricky for Samsung thanks to their insistence on a physical home button, just about everyone would love to see front-facing speakers in the Galaxy S7.

RAM management

Plenty of you asked for Samsung to start handling RAM management the standard way that Google has built into Android. It makes sense, too; who doesn't want smoother multitasking? As we see more high-quality apps and games appearing, Samsung's way of doing things stands out as less-than-great, especially compared to other phones out there.

If your hope was to see better — or different RAM management from Samsung, there isn't much to suggest that you're going to get it. The transition to Marshmallow makes anything possible, but there hasn't been an indication that Samsung sees a problem with the way they handle RAM on their phones. At this point it's unlikely that we'll see much of a deviation from the way things currently work in Touchwiz.


Coming in fifth for the features you most wanted to see on the Galaxy S7 is better waterproofing. For as long as there have been smartphones in our pockets, there have been encounters with it's arch nemesis: water. We all know somebody who managed to drop their phone into water (or you are that somebody) and then desperately tried to dry it out afterwards. With increased waterproofing you wouldn't have to worry nearly as much about an accidental mishap at the beach or pool — or at home in the bathroom or kitchen

Samsung has had an iffy relationship with waterproofing, as you might remember from the Galaxy S5. The last few years though have seen improvements in the technology like internal gaskets for a better seal, along with superhydrophobic nano coatings on the ports of smartphones. So with technological advancement, it's no wonder they're giving things another shot, especially since so many of us have unfortunate accidents that involve water damage.

So there you have it. The top 5 features that you told us you were hoping to see in the Galaxy S7 when it's unveiled later this month. Other notable mentions that came close, but didn't quite hit the list were a better fingerprint sensor, lighter Touchwiz, and a lower price point. Are you excited for the Feb. 21st announcement? Let us know in the comments!