Talon for Android gains quick actions, better tablet support and more

Talon, the popular Twitter app for Android, has hit version 4.0 with a number of new features and improvements, including better support for tablets, quick actions, and more. The developer has also added an option for users to become "2016 Supporters" for Talon, letting them financially support the app beyond the initial price.

Here the the major new additions you can expect from Talon 4.0:

  • Tablets in landscape mode now display 2 timelines at a time instead of one
  • Quick actions on tweets without expanding tweets or leaving the timeline
  • Much improved tablet layouts
  • Quicker account switching
  • Few more activity transitions on Lollipop+
  • Style updates for the navigation drawer
  • Favorite user notifications no longer require "Home Timeline Notifications" to be turned on

With Talon's new "2016 Supporter" option, developer Luke Klinker is giving users a way to contribute beyond the $3.99 up-front cost of the app. Users can choose to make a one-time contribution of $3, $6, or $10 for 2016. Klinker explained some of the reasoning behind the supporter model in a post on Google+:

I know it is hard to believe, but the current version of Talon has almost been out a year and a half now! I know that some of you use the app every day, like me, and have gotten more than your money's worth out of my work. The new 2016 Supporter option in settings is a voluntary contribution of $3, $6, or $10 if you like what I have been doing :)

Klinker stresses that becoming a Supporter will not get you access to exclusive features or other perks. It is simply a way to continue supporting the app.

You can grab Talon 4.0 from the Google Play Store now.

Source: +Luke Klinker