The 'gorgeous' OnePlus Pad just scored a major discount — get 17% off at Amazon today

OnePlus Pad review
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On the hunt for a sweet Android tablet deal? I was just roaming the dusty corridors of Amazon and found that the OnePlus Pad is sitting with a massive 17% discount today, no strings attached. 

Although it's not quite the best Android tablet we've ever used, the OnePlus Pad features one of the best displays in its class, alongside 12 hours of battery life, surprisingly-great sound, and some efficient MediaTek software. 

OnePlus Pad 128GB:$479.99$399.99 at Amazon

OnePlus Pad 128GB: $479.99 $399.99 at Amazon

The OnePlus Pad is a versatile tablet that boasts a stunning 11.6-inch 144Hz display, huge 9,510mAh battery, and the efficiency of a MediaTek Dimensity 9000 processor. Grab one from Amazon today and you'll score an epic 17% off, dropping the tablet back down to its lowest price ever. 

Price comparison: OnePlus - $479.99

✅Recommended if: you want a tablet with great battery life and a 144Hz display for gaming and streaming on the go. 

❌Skip this deal if: you need lots of storage (the Pad is capped at 128GB); you prefer compact devices.

For $399.99, you're getting a productivity powerhouse that boasts a stunning 11.6-inch display with a whopping 144Hz refresh rate, four on-board speakers for rich, immersive audio, and a massive 9,510mAh battery with 67W charging. It's an awesome device for streaming content or getting work done on the go, but not everything here is perfect.

As we describe in our OnePlus Pad review, the tablet seems to lag occasionally while browsing (something appears to be up with the software) and you can't expand the storage beyond the 128GB that's available on the device. Some folks may also take issue with the tablet's large size, and you'll need to buy a keyboard separately if you wish to use the Pad like a laptop. Aside from those issues, the OnePlus Pad is an excellent choice if you need something with long-lasting battery life and a vibrant display. And thanks to this 17% discount at Amazon, the tablet is as cheap as it's ever been.

The OnePlus Pad was basically launched as a direct competitor for the Google Pixel Tablet. It's not an easy decision, so if you're on the fence between the two devices, check out our guide to the OnePlus Pad vs. Google Pixel Tablet to help you decide. 

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