Tablet Coaster

The folks at newPCGadgets have outdone themselves, and are now offering tablet coasters.  It's a natural evolution from their smartphone coasters, and if you've ever used a tablet, especially a big heavy fruit flavored one, you can imagine just how handy these things are.  NewPCGadgets says the coasters work with all popular models, including the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, HP Slate, BlackBerry PlayBook, Toshiba's Honeycomb tablet, Motorola Xoom, ZTE Light and dozens more, and hold your tablet at 35 degrees for the best viewing angle.

We have the press release after the break, but Mike from newPCGadgets has one more interesting little fact he shared with me -- the stainless coasters actually improve signal reception in areas with less that stellar service.  Now that's one heck of an antenna! [newPCGadgets]

Our newest product Tablet Coasters are polished stainless steel coasters that raise your Tablet PC to a comfortable 35 degree viewing angle while enabling you to be more productive. The stackable space-saving design make Tablet Coasters great for home or office. Coasters are also perfect for presentations, conferences, trade shows or for displays.

Tablet Coasters work with all popular models including the Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HP Slate, BlackBerry PlayBook, Toshiba Honeycomb, Motorola Xoom, ZTE Light and dozens more.
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