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A recent study by Pew examined how folks are using tablets and other mobile tech in the U.S., and revealed that 22% of American adults have a tablet, and of the tablets out there, Android powers 48% of them. Not bad considering Apple dominated the space last year with 81%. Other sources estimated that around this time last year, Android had 27% of the tablet space.The whole tablet space is set to continue growing, with 23% of those without a tablet responding that they were planning on getting one in the next six months.

About half of the Android tablets being used were Kindle Fires, which have earned a ton of popularity thanks primarily to their affordability. The survey further goes into detail about how tablet and smartphone adoption are increasing the consumption of news content, and that browser content (versus apps) is on the rise. 

There's a lot of interesting data in this survey, so definitely check it out at the link below. How do you guys consume news on your Android tablet? Do you even have one? What's holding you back from picking up a tablet?