What you need to know

  • Brazilian YouTuber Dudu Rocha shows off a leaked build of Samsung's Android 10 update on a Galaxy S10+.
  • The One UI 2.0 update includes mostly subtle changes to the quick settings tiles, adds new gestures, and some Note-exclusive features.
  • It's possible we could see a beta for the new One UI 2.0 update at the Samsung Developers Conference in October.

It looks like we're getting our first look at Android 10 with One UI 2.0 via a leaked build running on the Samsung Galaxy S10+. The 11-minute video comes from a Brazilian YouTuber Dudu Rocha and is entirely in Portuguese. In the video, Dudu gives us a tour of the new OS while comparing it to a Galaxy S9+ running Android 9 Pie.

While the first version of One UI was a massive overhaul of Samsung's software for its phones, One UI 2.0 appears to be much more subtle. The changes here are small, with one of the most notable things being the refinement of the quick setting tiles.

No longer do we have a large section at the top dedicated to the clock and date. Now, the tiles expand to fill almost the entire screen, giving you access to more settings at once. I'm not sure how squeezing more icons onto the screen follows the One UI philosophy of making one-handed use of your phone more manageable, but in any case, at least you'll be able to see more icons on the screen.

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Another big change can be seen in the navigation bar menu, where Android 10's native gestures using the pill have been added. Going forward, this should be included on every Android 10 phone, but if you've become accustomed to Samsung's gestures, it appears that option is still available as well.

It also seems Samsung will be adding a couple of Note-exclusive features to the Galaxy S10+ with the update. During the video, we get a glimpse of the Link to Windows quick setting tile which debuted on the Note 10 lineup earlier this month. Dudu also gives us a quick demo of the native screen recording that is featured on the new Note 10 models.

The settings menu has gained two new sections as well, titled Local and Privacy. This lines up with new location and privacy permission features which have been included in Android 10.

Now, like most leaks, this video can't be 100% confirmed. However, our buddy Max Weinbach over at XDA-Developers is pretty confident that the video is legit.

Unfortunately, there is no download or way to install this leaked build at this time. However, we could see a beta announced for it at the Samsung Developer Conference like what happened with the One UI beta last year. If that's the case, we could see the update as early as the end of October.

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