What you need to know

  • Samsung has started manufacturing the new display modules at one of its factories.
  • The company is facing some challenges with image distortion as the light passes through the display.
  • The Galaxy S11 or Galaxy Fold 2 may feature the new camera tech.

Samsung has reportedly started testing for large-scale manufacturing of its under-the-display camera tech at one of its plants, claimed South Korean news outlet The Elec. The publication's sources indicate the South Korean giant may debut a phone with the new tech as early as next year.

The new camera type will reportedly rely on the same technology that's used for creating the hole-punch displays in the Galaxy S10 series. However, the newer version of the manufacturing process, dubbed HIAA2 or hole-in-active-area, uses lasers to create a number of smaller holes in the display instead of one big aperture. A transparent display is then overlaid on top to allow the camera underneath to receive light.

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The biggest challenges faced by the company thus far relate to the distortion of light as it travels through the display — current materials leave a yellow hue — and the blurring of the image as it reaches the camera. Samsung is currently working on improving the transparency of the display and is looking at the use of algorithms to help ameliorate some of the issues caused by the display.

While the S11, with its longer display, or the Galaxy Fold 2 would be the obvious choices to showcase the new tech, prolific smartphone leaker Ice Universe claims it will debut with some other phone altogether.

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