For the past few years, Samsung's release schedule for its major flagships has been pretty consistent. We get new entries in the Galaxy S lineup at the beginning of the year, an Active version of the new S phone on AT&T in the summer, and then the latest Note device. However, according to a new report, this year's Galaxy S8 Active will be escaping AT&T's grip and heading to T-Mobile.

Samsung has been releasing Active handsets exclusively on AT&T ever since the S4 Active all the way back in 2013, and while there was an S5 Sport that debuted on Sprint in 2014, the S8 Active would be the first Samsung phone to launch on another carrier with the proper "Active" branding.

T-Mobile's version of the Galaxy S8 Active is expected to carry the model number of SM-G892T (slightly different from SM-G892A on AT&T) and be available in both Mereor Gray and Titanium Gold color options. The phone should cost the same with a retail price of $849 USD, but at this time, we don't know when the S8 Active will be debuting on the Un-Carrier. We'd expect it to launch sooner rather than later, but it's possible that we're still a few months out from its release.

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The Galaxy S8 Active offers the same general experience you'd find on the regular S8, with the addition of increased battery life and a more rugged/durable design. Although the design does take away from the allure that the S8/S8+ bring to the table, Andrew did say in his full review of the S8 Active that he would –

Absolutely recommend this phone to someone who must have a "rugged" phone to survive the daily demands of their life or job, and doesn't want to compromise in terms of the software, features, camera or experience of the phone in the process.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+


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