Samsung's rough-and-tough Galaxy S8 Active launched over two months ago exclusively on AT&T, and now it's finally making an expansion to new carriers as has been rumored. Both T-Mobile and Sprint are picking up the hardened version of the Galaxy S8, and they won't involve any hardware changes or anything else exclusive — both will get the same phone, in the "meteor grey" color, but now certified for use on their respective networks.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active

People were immediately drawn to the Galaxy S8 Active for a number of reasons, not the least of which being its 4000mAh battery and lack of a glass back, but having it exclusive to AT&T was always a pain. Now, you can at least choose from three carriers here in the U.S. — not quite as good as offering it unlocked as well, but we can't complain too much.

The big battery is nice, but this isn't necessarily a better phone than the standard GS8.

But before you go run out and get the Galaxy S8 for its big battery, we should note that it has some downsides that don't make it an immediate winner compared to the standard Galaxy S8. Even though it has a much larger battery and flat display that's easier to use, its plastic-coated shatter-resistant display is dramatically easier to scratch and its hardened exterior is arguably too big and bulky to justify if you're not going to be tough on the phone.

Galaxy S8 vs. Galaxy S8 Active: What's the difference?

If you're coming to the Galaxy S8 Active from a place of needing a rugged phone that can take a beating, though, the GS8 Active is a pretty clear winner compared to a bunch of other phones that put their toughness first and kind of forget about the quality of the overall smartphone experience. The best feature of the Galaxy S8 Active is that it's a Galaxy S8 at its core, with no missing qualities in that respect.

One extra bit of information for the network nerds out there: the T-Mobile Galaxy S8 Active includes the proper radio to take advantage of the carrier's 600MHz (Band 71) spectrum.

T-Mobile is offering the GS8 Active for $100 down and another $30 per month, or a total of $820 — it goes on sale November 17, with select stores picking it up November 22. No word from Sprint yet on pricing or availability. AT&T still charges a hefty $850 for the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+


Press release:

Samsung's Galaxy S8 Active Expands to Sprint and T-Mobile

Featuring military-grade durability and a long-lasting 4000mAh battery, the Galaxy S8 Active extends availability starting in November

RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ – Nov. 7, 2017 – Samsung Electronics America, Inc. today announced the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, previously only on AT&T, will now be available through Sprint and T-Mobile in Meteor Gray starting this month. The Galaxy S8 Active delivers military-grade durability with a long- lasting battery to get the most out of your day and the performance you expect from a Galaxy S smartphone.

The Galaxy S8 Active features:

  • Military-grade durability – Engineered from high-strength aluminum and protective bumpers for military-grade durability, the shock, shatter2, and dust and water-resistant3 Galaxy S8 Active withstands tough hits and falls.
  • Shatter-resistant screen – This device features a shatter-resistant screen that protects against accidental drops while delivering the bright, vivid colors of the 5.8-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED Display4.
  • Long-lasting battery – The Galaxy S8 Active contains a large, long-lasting 4,000 mAh battery that can go more than a day of usage on a single charge5. With Samsung's most advanced fast charge and fast wireless charge6 capabilities, you can quickly and conveniently power up to get on with your day.
  • Powerful performance – Featuring a 10nm processor, the device enables heightened speed and efficiency. It's gigabit LTE ready, with support for up to 1 Gbps, so you can download files wherever your daily adventures take you.
  • Advanced camera – The advanced Dual Pixel 12MP F1.7 rear camera and 8MP F1.7 Smart autofocus front camera deliver bright and sharp photos, even in low-light conditions.
  • Meet Bixby – Bixby7 is a smarter way to use your Galaxy S8 Active and helps you get more done. It makes it easier to navigate through select apps, services and settings with a combination of voice commands and touch. Voice capabilities allow you to do many things normally done with touch, such as completing simple tasks like turning on the flashlight, taking a screen shot or a selfie. You can use the camera to identify landmarks, translate foreign languages or shop for products online right from the phone.
  • Activity Zone – With a simple swipe to the right of the home screen or the press of the Bixby button, Bixby greets you with quick access to active lifestyle features such as a stopwatch, barometer, compass, and flashlight.
  • Government-trusted Security – The Galaxy S8 Active is secured from the chip up with Samsung Knox, the defense-grade mobile security platform designed to protect the integrity of the device. Samsung Knox8 has become a trusted and robust security solution with 29 governments trusting it to secure their workforce. It also offers a selection of biometric features such as fingerprint and iris scanners. To learn more about the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, visit: or

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