Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge is set to go on sale in the US later today. If you were looking to pick one up but were concerned about the durability of the device, fret not, as the South Korean manufacturer answered questions regarding the durability of the curved screen, unintended touches from the edge screen and more.

In a post on its official blog, Samsung mentioned that the metal frame that runs around the sides of the Galaxy Note Edge adds rigidity to the device.

What happens when someone drops it? Wouldn't the screen on the side break easily? Developers at Samsung were aware that people might be concerned that the curved display might crack easily. They say that they've done more than 1,000 drop tests, not to mention other vigorous durability tests that Samsung is widely recognized for. The Galaxy Note Edge actually undergoes more durability tests – tests designed to simulate the different angles it may fall because of the edge screen and how the edge screen changes the way the device is gripped.

The metal frame plays a significant role here too. It's pretty clear that the rigid metal helps make the frame stronger. Also, if you take the device, you can see that the metal frame pops out a bit from the screen, so that when the device is dropped, it impacts the metal frame first. Therefore, in terms of the device being dropped, it drops similar to the way regular smartphones are dropped; the display isn't the first impact point. Basically, the point is, the Galaxy Note Edge is quite durable.

The vendor also said that the edge screen is designed to distinguish the difference between a finger and a palm, which prevents accidental touches.

Since the Galaxy Note Edge has the touch screen display on the side, some people might wonder if it would accidentally activate other applications from the side. The designers and engineers certainly had this in mind. The touch sensor of the Edge screen can recognize the difference between finger and palm. The engineers also implemented a grip solution so that it can distinguish intentional gesture vs grip vs unintentional touch.

Although the Galaxy Note Edge features an asymmetrical design thanks to the edge screen on the right, Samsung mentioned that the device features a slight edge on the left side as well that improves balance. As for the efficacy of the curved display, the South Korean vendor stated that the launch of the Edge Screen SDK brings support for third-party apps that build on the functionality offered by the screen.

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How many of you will be looking to pick up a Galaxy Note Edge once it goes up for sale? Be sure to check out our hands-on review of the device below:

Living in the UK? The device will be going up for pre-order today.

Source: Samsung