Quite possibly one of the most popular clear cases on the market for the Galaxy S6 is the Ringke Fusion, catering to the customer who desires a simple but still moderately-protective case that doesn't cover anything up. Since it features a hard polycarbonate shell on the back with a more flexible plastic along the sides, there's enough protection to handle common drops, but shouldn't be put into the same category as an OtterBox or LifeProof case.

Bundled with the case are 2 plastic films, one for the display and the other for the back of the phone. Without applying the film on the back of the Galaxy S6 there's a chance you may experience the iridescent "blotchy oil" effect when the glass is pressed against the clear plastic. While I was able to install the case on its own without any issue, I do occasionally notice this effect appear in random areas after extended use. The lip around the front just barely keeps the display of the Galaxy S6 from rubbing surfaces when placed face-down.

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The Ringke Fusion comes with plastic port plugs on the bottom of the case to help keep out dirt and debris. For a low-profile non-waterproof case like this one they seem like an unnecessary addition and they can become annoying if you're frequency accessing your Micro-USB and headphone ports. The fact that they're easily removable with the use of a sharp blade makes them only a temporary nuisance. All of the side buttons are raised on the bumper for a comfortable press, leaving the microphone and speaker completely open. In terms of grip, there's really not much texture to enhance your hold on the Galaxy S6, but the bumper does provide a little help.

A cool feature that Ringke offers with this cover is the DIY template. It's basically a thin cardboard cutout of the back of the Galaxy S6 that you can trace onto a photo or magazine or printed graphic of your choice. You then carefully cut out the template using scissors or an X-Acto knife, slip it into the case, and then place your galaxy S6 in right on top of it. There's really no limit to what you can create, so just use your imagination!

The Ringke Fusion case is available in crystal (as pictured), smoke, or a mirrored version starting at just $10.99. It's definitely the best bang for your buck considering the extra screen protectors and DIY template you get with the case.

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