Nexus 9 Magic Cover

$39 gets you a capable, easy-to-use cover for your Nexus 9

Here we have a quick look at the retail version of the Magic Cover for the Nexus 9 tablet. And fortunately a quick look is all we need to tell you that this is a capable, easy-to-use cover. We've had origami-type covers leave us frustrated in the past, but that fear quickly subsided with the Magic Cover.

One side is polyurethane and is meant to face outward, with the inward-facing side a softer suede-like material. Don't be surprised if you find yourself forgetting which is which though. (Hint: the "nexus HTC" logo goes on the inside.) Magnets keep everything in place when the cover's flat on the front or back of the tablet, though we are a little curious how it holds up to be jostled around inside a gear bag. They're strong, but they're not that strong.

Folding the cover for use as a stand is simple — just fold down two corners and then position the tablet properly. (The included picture instructions help with that, but there's not much of a learning curve here.) And remember that when the cover is on the back of the tablet, you can fold down the corner that's over the camera lens and it'll automatically launch the camera app. That's a cute feature, but still. Don't take pictures with your tablet, folks.

All in all, it's not a bad experience for $39. The cover doesn't add much thickness to the tablet — certainly a lot less than the keyboard folio. So long as it holds up inside a bag, we should be plenty happy with it.

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