Incipio Galaxy S7 edge cases

When looking for a case to protect that nice Galaxy S7 edge you just bought, we either go in the direction of function or straight to what looks the best. But we know that it doesn't have to be so binary — you can get a case that both fits your style and protects your phone just as much as you need, and Incipio's range of Galaxy S7 edge cases do just that.

A well-known case maker as big as Incipio obviously makes a huge variety of cases for popular phones like the GS7 edge, but we've picked out four that strike a great balance between looks and protection. It comes down to the thin-and-light Octane and the protective DualPro, along with a couple of choices from the "Design Series" that build on those two cases with some stylish looks. Let's take a look at all four.

Incipio's one of the big names in cases, and you're likely familiar with its general style and quality of materials at this point. If you haven't used one of their cases before, know that it offers a seriously good product that may cost a few dollars extra but is really worth it.

Keep things simple — with or without some extra flair.

On the lower end of protection but striking a nice balance between size and functionality is the Octane case. This thin but rigid case applies as one piece, but is actually molded out of a hard-plastic back with a softer flexible rubber along the sides. That hard back gives extra protection when tossing the phone around, and the textured bumper makes the phone easier to grip and navigate with one hand. The two-piece look also opens up possibilities for cool two-tone designs, like the clear and blue one here.

A small step down in protection but a few big steps up in style is the Isla Design Series case, which is a thin hard one-piece case focused on a base level of protection without detracting from the sleek looks of the phone. Several different design choices are available, though they all share the common thread of being predominantly clear to show the GS7 edge's slick lines and ostentatious colors (especially if you went with the gold one). The translucent look is accented by a set of staggered reflective metallic chevron pattern, giving an awesome look where you can see the phone's back peeking through the top layer. Depending on the color combination you'll get something subtle or completely ridiculous — you get to choose.

If you're looking for a lot of protection, then DualPro is where you want to go. These two-piece cases are comprised of a rubber layer that tightly molds to your phone, along with a hard plastic layer on top for extra shock and bump protection. Incipio rates its DualPro cases to protect the phone for up to 12-foot drops, which is extremely impressive.

Extra bulk and protection doesn't mean bad design.

Though they add a bit of extra bulk, if you're someone who often fumbles their phone you'll know this is the kind of case for you. The thick edges help save the screen if the phone is dropped or placed face-down on a table, though the downside here is making it extra tough to reach across to the curved edges of the screen for edge-swiping gestures.

Again Incipio offers several new takes on the DualPro design with its "Design Series" offerings, such as this dashing glittery model we have here. Just because a case is big and protective doesn't mean it has to be ugly! But if you'd like to keep things sleek and simple (and stay away from glitter) you can go with plain colors as well, ranging from basic black up to a brighter blue/grey combo shown above.

No matter your needs or sense of style, Incipio has your Galaxy S7 covered here.

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