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Didn't grab a PS5 before the holidays? Now's your chance to get one from Best Buy. The retailer has stocked up on the popular console with a few caveats in place to make sure they don't sell out too quickly. If you try adding it to your cart, you may be asked to wait a few minutes before more stock is released.


PlayStation 5

Get it fast while it's in-stock

The New Year is here and if you weren't able to grab a PS5 in 2020, Best Buy is giving you another chance today. Sony's machine has been sold out for months now since it's release in November for good reason. It plays some of the very best games on the market. With titles like the upcoming God of War: Ragnarok and Horizon Forbidden West, it has a bright future.

Per Best Buy:

  • Every few minutes, we're going to release more inventory.
  • Shortly, the button below will turn back to yellow (unless we sell out).
  • At that point, try adding it to your cart again.

PS5 restock has been a mess at some retailers ever since it went up for preorder unexpectedly in September. Walmart has usually been the most consistent, letting customers know when restocks would go live. This time it looks like Best Buy is countering a huge influx of people adding it to their carts at all once by only releasing a small amount every few minutes.

If you were unable to get a PS5 today, don't fret. More retailers will surely has restocks available this month and in the coming months of 2021. Until then, most PS5 games are also available on PS4.

PlayStation 5


PlayStation 5

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