Sony is planning 20 PS VR2 games for launch

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What you need to know

  • At the latest Sony investor presentation, Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan shared information on the PlayStation brand and how it's expanding.
  • According to Ryan, Sony is planning 20 games for PS VR2 at launch, across both first-party and third-party developers. 
  • One first-party game has already been revealed, Horizon Call of the Mountain, which is being co-developed by Firesprite and Guerrilla Games.

Sony is investing to expand the PlayStation brand beyond just its console, but its also working to reinforce console VR with its next big headset. 

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan shared on Thursday at a Sony investor meeting that Sony is planning to have 20 games for PS VR2 at launch. 

Sony May 2022 investor meeting PS VR2

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One PS VR2 game is already known. Horizon Call of the Mountain was revealed earlier in the year, being co-developed by series creator Guerrilla Games and the more recently-acquired U.K. studio Firesprite. While obviously not all of the remaining 19 PS VR2 games will be first-party, it's likely that at least a couple of other titles are coming from PlayStation Studios

The PS VR2 boasts many improvements over its predecessor, including in the new Sense controllers. These devices replace the Move controller, and feature the same technology found in the DualSense, with haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to provide a smoother overall experience. 

Sony also shared in the investor meeting that the company is continuing to invest in IP, with more mobile and live-service games. The company will be looking to leverage the live-service expertise of Destiny developer Bungie once the acquisition is finalized, which is slated to occur later in 2022.

PS VR2 does not currently have a release window or a price range. The PS5 remains difficult to buy as it doesn't stay in stock for long, though Sony is currently projecting 18 million consoles sold over the next fiscal year. 

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