About a year ago, actor Ashton Kutcher helped Lenovo launch its Android-based Yoga tablets as their spokesperson, but under the title of the company's newest "product engineer". Now Kutcher has returned to the Lenovo fold in a series of videos that serve as a teaser for an upcoming tablet launch.

The videos show Kutcher sitting down with groups of real people in order to get their feedback on the tablets so Lenovo can put improvements in their next products. The humorous clips include a group of senior citizens, a bunch of kids and several sets of twins. Most of the people seem unaware of Kutcher's past acting gigs.

Lenovo is planning to hold a press event on October 9 in London where it will reveal new Yoga tablets and hybrids. PC World says Kutcher will take part in the event via a satellite feed. What do you think of these videos and Kutcher's return to promote Lenovo products?

Source: Lenovo , PC World

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