You might have heard that Google is postponing the retail launch of the Nexus Q, and as compensation they are giving one to everyone who preordered for the low price of free. It's a shocker, and more than anyone expected to hear when we found out that the Q would be held back to add some more functionality. I'll leave the comparison to Oprah for the comments.

We're all busy discussing what sort of awesomesauce Google could bake into the Q, and words like mirroring and Wifi Direct are getting thrown all over my Gtalk. We're just speculating of course, but we're genuinely excited to see what G has in store for the cannonball. All we know for now is that it's been delayed for a it, and that Google is handing them out for free if you preordered.

Which of course means we have to ask, just how many folks did preorder the $300 Nexus Q? Everyone who doesn't have one seems to hate it, and those that do have one (Google handed out about 6,000 of them at Google I/O 2012) seem to be divided about how useful the device is in its current state. We don't imagine very many folks jumped at the chance to get one, and that now everyone wishes they had, but rather than guess, we'll just ask. Let us know in the poll!