Pingpad improves support for Android tablets, adds new profiles and more

Collaborative notes app Pingpad recently snagged an update that brings a proper tablet interface for Android, along with new profiles, group features and more. Alongside Android tablet support, users can now easily share a link for inviting people to groups and view online statuses in real time. Here's the full breakdown of what's new in Pingpad for Android:

  • GROUP INVITE LINK: Now every group has a link you can share with people to invite them in. Great for posting to Facebook, sending by email or any other way you get links to people.
  • NEW PROFILES: We redesigned the appearance of profiles and made it easier to see how you look. Also, you can view someone's profile and add them to an existing group, share a new note with them or start a chat.
  • STATUS: With real time status, you can see who is online ready to get things done with you.

If you're unfamiliar with Pingpad, it's a collaborative notes app that combines documents and private notes with group chat to make working on group projects easier without jumping between apps. For more on Pingpad, be sure to read up on our thoughts about the app, and grab the latest update on Google Play now.