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Best Samsung deals for Mother's Day 2022

Samsung Mother's Day Sale
(Image credit: Samsung)

Mother's Day 2022 is fast approaching, and this Samsung sale is marking the occasion by offering a ton of deals on phones and devices. Finding a memorable Mother's Day gift is almost always a challenge, particularly if recent years were dominated by greetings cards and flower deliveries. Why not change things up this year and surprise mom with a new Samsung smartphone or a quality pair of earbuds

The sale is pretty all-encompassing, so we've handpicked some of the best deals of the promotion and detailed them below. The Samsung Mother's Day sale runs through the holiday itself, May 8th, and expires at midnight, so don't procrastinate if you want the gift to arrive in time. In addition to straight discounts like $100 off the Galaxy Z Flip 3, the Samsung sale also includes several opportunities to get a free device with your purchase — which means you could get a gift for yourself out of the arrangement too. There are also several solid S22 deals and discounts on wearables such as the Galaxy Watch 4, so make sure to read the whole page so you don't miss anything. 

Samsung's official Mother's Day gift guide (opens in new tab) breaks down the sale in categories like "(gifts) for the mom who loves to stay connected" and "(gifts) for the mom who loves to be entertained". Instead of this approach, we've organized the items by device type so you can find exactly what you're looking for instantly. So without further ado, let's get on with the deals so you can find the perfect gifts for the moms in your life. 

Best Mother's Day Smartphone Deals

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3: Get $300 off and a FREE Galaxy Watch 4 (opens in new tab)

We called the Galaxy Z Fold 3 (opens in new tab) the "best foldable phone ever made", and now you can give it as a Mother's Day present and save $300 instantly. Or you can keep the Fold 3 for yourself and give your mom the free Galaxy Watch 4 that's included in the deal, a value of up to $299.99 on its own. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 usually retails for $2,049.98, so any potential savings are worth checking out. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3: Get $150 off and a FREE pair of Galaxy Buds Live (opens in new tab)

When it first debuted last August, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 made waves with its clever, compact design and uncompromising performance. Samsung is currently selling the foldable phone for up to $150 off, plus you'll get a free pair of Galaxy Buds Live with the purchase. Together, that's a total value of $319.99, enough to put a serious dent in the Flip 3's $1,169.98 retail price tag. 

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: Get 256GB for the price of the 128GB version ($100 off) (opens in new tab)

Samsung is currently offering a free memory upgrade when you purchase the Galaxy S22 Ultra, allowing you to pick up the 256GB version for the price of the 128GB ($1,199.99). In addition to those instant savings, Samsung is also offering up to $1,000 of enhanced trade-in credit when you send them your old phone, which could potentially bring this Mother's Day gift down to the reasonable price of $119.99. 

Samsung Galaxy S22: $50 off and up to $700 of enhanced trade-in credit (opens in new tab)

If you decide to get the S22 instead of the Ultra, you'll receive an instant rebate of $50, bringing the price down to $799.99. It's worth noting that the S22 is also eligible for the free memory upgrade of 128GB to 256GB, and Samsung is offering up to $700 of trade-in credit if you're trying to get rid of an old device.

Best Mother's Day Accessories and Wearables

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: Save $50 on the Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic (opens in new tab)

The Galaxy Watch 4 (opens in new tab) and Watch 4 Classic are two powerful smartwatches that offer solid performance and comfortable design without breaking the bank. In honor of Mother's Day, Samsung is selling both wearables with an instant rebate of $50, bringing the prices of the Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic down to $199.99 and $299.99, respectively. 

Samsung Galaxy Buds 2: Get $40 off instantly with the purchase of Galaxy Buds 2 (a 27% discount) (opens in new tab)

They're some of the best wireless earbuds (opens in new tab) around, and now Samsung is selling Galaxy Buds 2 at $40 off, just in time for Mother's Day. This brings the price down to just $109.99. The earbuds come in stylish colors like violet and olive, and they provide consistently immersive sound and a comfy, discreet fit. 

If none of these deals are catching your eye, there are plenty of Samsung Galaxy A53 deals and cheap Google Pixel 6 promotions that could make great gifts for the tech-savvy mothers in your life. 

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