Samsung Galaxy Unpacked July 2024: How to watch and what to expect

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The clock is ticking as we anticipate what Samsung is set to reveal at this year's summer Unpacked event. Rumors have been swirling about the devices we'll likely see, and there will likely be quite a few launches during Unpacked, from yearly upgrades to an entirely new product from Samsung. This may be the most interesting Unpacked launch we've seen in years.

The Unpacked event in January gave us a ring-sized surprise right before it ended and set folks off on a wild goose chase to figure out when the Galaxy Ring would release. After that, Samsung was bold enough to show off the ring at the MWC in Barcelona; however, in terms of specs, we didn't get a lot. This mid-year event will definitely launch the Galaxy Ring, among other rumored wearables like the Galaxy Watch 7 and Watch Ultra. 

And that's not all; with the summer Unpacked event usually comes the company's own line-up of foldables, and this year, we're hoping to see the Galaxy Z Fold 6 and the Galaxy Z Flip 6. On the accessories side, there have been rumors that Samsung would launch the Galaxy Buds 3 and Galaxy Buds 3 Pro. 

Let's dive into the leaks and rumors that cropped up about these devices. Here's a breakdown of what we expect to see and how you can tune into Samsung's Summer Unpacked. 

How to watch the next Galaxy Unpacked

Invitation for Galaxy Unpacked July 2024 | Samsung - YouTube Invitation for Galaxy Unpacked July 2024 | Samsung - YouTube
Watch On

The launch is set to take place on July 10 at 9 a.m. ET in Paris, France. While the guest list for the Summer Unpacked stays exclusive for the in-person event in Paris, Samsung will also have a livestream of the launch on its official website and YouTube platforms. The company has done this in the past, so it's really no surprise.

Samsung has already posted the video invite on the company's official YouTube channel, although we're still waiting for a live stream link, which should appear any day now. When it does go up, we'll be sure to link it here so you can set a reminder or hit on the "notify me" button to give yourself a heads-up before the live stream begins. Meanwhile, anyone interested can also sign up for updates on the latest devices.

So what can we expect from this mid-year Unpacked event, and will Samsung's new offerings be just as exciting as the hype they’ve created around their wearables this year? 

The Samsung Galaxy Ring

Eyes on with the Samsung Galaxy Ring at MWC 2024

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

Samsung will likely fully launch its first smart ring at Unpacked. The company revealed at the MWC that the Galaxy Ring will come in black, gold, or silver and could weigh between 2.3g to 3g, depending on your ring size. Leaked Galaxy Ring ID numbers suggest that it'll be available in sizes 5–13. 

According to early patents of the device, the Galaxy Ring comes with an electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood pressure monitoring. While others show hints that the Galaxy Ring can be used as a controller for other devices, like the smartphone, tablet, or laptop. 

Meanwhile, Samsung's lawsuit against Oura gave us a good look at some of the ring's core competencies. The company said that the ring will monitor heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen, movement, and sleep "to provide users valuable insights and offer guidance to improve their health and wellbeing." Documents also note its intention to later include an "Energy score" in the app "based on multiple factors including sleep, activity, heart rate, and heart rate variability."

Samsung has also revealed that the device should come with up to nine days of battery life. 

One of the most recent leaks comes from an APK teardown that showed features like stress tracking, skin temperature measurement for period detection, and snore detection that were displayed on the Samsung Health, presumably after the ring was connected to the phone.

A supposed look at the Galaxy Ring's charging case.

(Image credit: Ice Universe / Weibo)

And how will this multifaceted device be charged you ask? A tipster Ice Universe posted a supposed rendering of the Ring's charging case on Weibo and at first glance it looks a lot like a earbuds charging case. However once opened, the case comes with a "cradle" to hold your ring inside it.

Galaxy Z Fold 6, Flip 6

Galaxy Z Fold 6

(Image credit: @OnLeaks / Smartprix)

We've recently been bombarded with leaks of the expected Galaxy Z Flip 6 and the Galaxy Z Fold 6, which gives us a fair picture (pun intended) of what those foldables would look like. There might not be many changes to this year's edition, but some upgrades are worth checking out. It is obvious that these new foldables will be bolstered with all things Galaxy AI. But first, let's get into the specs.

Galaxy Z Fold 6:

A set of marketing images leaked on Thursday (July 4), giving us a glimpse of the Galaxy Z Fold 6. They confirmed the device is lighter (239 grams) and said to have sharper corners, which is a bit of a departure from the Galaxy Z Fold 5. The company could be using an "improved Aluminum frame" and will have a bigger 6.3-inch cover screen and the same 7.6-inch foldable screen. For the first time, the phone is said to come with IP48 dust and water resistance.

Looks like the device will have a triple rear camera setup. Its primary lens will be 50MP, the ultrawide-angle camera will be 12MP, and the telephoto camera will be 10MP with optical zoom. The cover screen is said to have a 10MP selfie camera, and the foldable screen will have a 4MP under-display camera. The Galaxy Z Fold 6 will likely be powered by Qualcomm's Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 for Galaxy. Several other leaks have spoiled the color options, which are said to be navy, pink, silver shadow, and white.

However, we have little to no information about the device's charging speeds; we assume it could come with the same 25W wired charger and 4400mAh battery. We're also hoping to see some S-pen enhancements and reduced visibility of the crease in the new version.

Galaxy Z Flip 6: 

The Galaxy Z Flip 6's marketing material also reveals the clamshell phone in a blue colorway alongside its prominent specs. Design-wise, it looks a lot like its predecessor. According to recently leaked images, the phone's design includes a 3.4-inch cover screen and a 6.7-inch foldable screen. It could be powered by a larger 4000mAh battery capacity. 

We expect the phone to have a Snapdragon 8 Gen 3, the same as the Galaxy S24 series, and in terms of camera, an upgraded 50MP primary lens, 12MP secondary camera, and 10MP selfie lens. Galaxy Z Flip 6 is also rumored to have an IP48 rating, and for the first time, a vapor chamber is expected to debut on this clamshell. 

With this year's flip, we hope to see better battery life and displays with higher refresh rates, such as 144Hz or even 165Hz. 

Galaxy Watch 7 and Ultra

Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra renders

(Image credit: SmartPrix/ OnLeaks)

Samsung is expected to unveil the Galaxy Watch 7 and Ultra. According to several leaks, the Galaxy Watch 7 will likely come in two sizes: 40mm (1.3 inches) and 44mm (1.5 inches), like the previous model. 

Galaxy Watch 7 specs leak states that the Watch 7 will have 1.3- and 1.5-inch display options, while the Watch Ultra will have a single 1.5-inch display with 480x480 resolution. Regarding the performance of  Galaxy Watch 7, Tipster Roland Quandt said that the watch could be powered by  an internal name of "Exynos 5535," although more recently, the Dealabs leak indicated both the Ultra and Watch 7 would have an "Exynos W1000 chipset with 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage."  The Galaxy Watch 7 will launch with One UI Watch 6.

Like previous generations, the Watch 7 could sport a BioActive sensor for heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen, temperature, and body composition readings. One feature that we are excited to explore is Samsung's sleep apnea detection, which could likely show up on the new watch. 

When it comes to the Watch Ultra, we've come across one major leak from Steve Hemmerstoffer, aka OnLeaks. It shows the Galaxy Watch 7 Ultra from all sides, sporting a new design—with rounded-off square corners and a circular display etched into the square chassis. This version could have a display measuring 1.5 inches in diameter and an additional third button on the side, along with the two buttons we saw in previous Samsung smartwatches.

The leaked images show a circular array of health sensors, including a temperature sensor at the rear and two buttons next to the sensor array, which could help detach the watch bands. One thing that popped up in the images is a new large speaker grill placed at the left pane of the smartwatch— giving major Apple Watch Ultra vibes.

 Galaxy Buds 3 and Pro

Galaxy Buds3 Pro from r/galaxybuds

Samsung is set to drop the new-gen earbuds—Buds 3 and 3 Pro—at this year's summer Unpacked. We speculate that they will look a lot like Apple's AirPods, rocking a long stem, unlike the rounded design in previous generations, with a wingtip for stabilization. Other leaks reveal that the Buds 3 might lack the silicone tip to help it sit comfortably inside an ear. The long stem could help with better call quality with the positioning of the microphone, and new long-pressing gestures are expected to control the music playback, activate noise cancellation, and much more.

The Galaxy Buds 3 Pro also sport the new stem design, which is now evident in the real-life images shared by a Reddit user who purchased them. They showcase the buds in a Metallic grey finish and a charging case with a similar finish and translucent design at the top. The Buds 3 Pro seen in the images look identical to each other and have the usual silicone tip for in-ear use. They also sport blue and orange indicators for the left and right earbuds. 

Not much has been revealed about the sound quality and battery life of these new earbuds. However, according to the Reddit user who bought the Buds 3 Pro, "Noise cancellation is on par with my AirPods Pro 1st gen. The sound is great, but a little higher on the bass, but I personally love the base. My Z Flip4 and iPhone pick them up, too. It's crazy how I was able to buy them."

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The best part is that it will cost you nothing to reserve ahead of the launch, and you're not locked in to preorder any devices if you decide you don't want to. No risk, all the reward!

What you probably won't see at Unpacked this year

The Meta Quest Pro upside down with X's on its front cameras

(Image credit: Nicholas Sutrich / Android Central)

We know the headline is a bit odd, but we thought we should bring your attention to one device that could've been released with the usual Samsung foldables this year—Samsung XR Headset—currently a nameless product but has been called Samsung Glasses. The company was allegedly planning something a bit different for its debut; however, a few setbacks delayed its release.  

All we know is that Samsung glasses are still in the early development stages and are looking for stable software like Google to power them. According to a Business Insider report on Google's current XR plans, Google has access to Samsung's headset in order to develop software for it; it allegedly calls the headset "Project Moohan."

Another thing to note is that Samsung wants to make its XR device more affordable— to be one-third the price of the Vision Pro might cost around $1,000. While it may be long before we can get our hands on the company's XR headset, we hope that Samsung will use a robust XR chip like the Snapdragon X Elite that could go up against Apple Vision Pro. It needs to have a strong battery life that could last longer than 2 hours, and hopefully, it should have motion controllers to go with the headset for an optimal gaming experience.

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