New Boost Mobile deal slashes 50% off their unlimited plan

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If you're thinking about switching to an MVNO carrier, we just found a Boost Mobile deal that makes the prospect more appealing than ever before. Head to Boost's site and sign up for the unlimited plan and you'll save 50% on your first month of wireless. That means you'll be getting a month of unlimited, talk, text, and data on the nation's largest 5G networks for a mere $12.50. No kidding. 

In addition to the excellent 50% price drop, Boost will also send you a free SIM kit (a $10 value) and 2-day shipping so you'll be calling, texting, and surfing the web in no time. Boost is one of the better options if you're considering the best MVNO carriers, predominantly using T-Mobile and AT&T's networks to deliver outstanding coverage at a much lower cost than the competition. As with most prepaid carriers, you don't have to worry about signing any kind of complicated contract with Boost and you can cancel your account at any time. Plus, nearly all of the best Android phones should be compatible. The one catch is that data on Boost's unlimited plan is capped at 30GB, after which speeds may be reduced. Still, a data cap isn't too uncommon with unlimited plans, and 30GB plus unlimited talk and text for $12.50? That's still a great deal, no matter which way you look at it.

A month of Boost Unlimited for $12.50

Get 50% off your first month of Unlimited at Boost Mobile

Get 50% off your first month of Unlimited at Boost Mobile

New customers who join Boost will save a whopping 50% on their first month of the unlimited plan, alongside a free SIM kit and 2-day shipping. Owned by DISH, Boost Mobile is able to deliver outstanding wireless coverage at a lower cost by utilizing the comprehensive networks of both T-Mobile and AT&T. Unlimited talk, text, and high-speed data (up to 30GB) for just $12.50? Count us in. 

If you're not totally sold on Boost Mobile just yet, go take a look at our guide to the best MVNO deals of the month to see if another prepaid carrier piques your interest. 

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