What you need to know

  • Mark Zuckerberg announced that $100 million has been spent in the Oculus Store.
  • 20 percent of that money has been spent on the Oculus Quest.
  • The new numbers were the first announcement at Oculus Connect 6.

Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg announced that over $100 has been spent on the Oculus Store. He also added that over 20 percent of that money has come through the Oculus Quest. The Oculus Quest was the focus of the beginning of the keynote on day one of the event.

Throughout the keynote, several developers and employees from Facebook spoke about how sales have trended upward for the Oculus Store. A large contributor to this uptick is the success of the Oculus Quest. SUPERHOT VR made 300 percent more through the Oculus Quest launch than the Oculus Rift launch. Several other titles saw similar increases in profits thanks to the Oculus Quest.

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