Resident Evil 4 VR's The Mercenaries mode out now in free update

Resident Evil 4 VR
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What you need to know

  • The Mercenaries mode is a wave-based mode that first appeared in Resident Evil 4 where players try to set a high score defeating enemies before escaping.
  • The mode returns to Resident Evil 4 VR on Quest 2 in a free update available after the Meta Gaming Showcase today.
  • The mode has new additions such as challenges, online leaderboards, and modifiers.

Resident Evil 4 VR received a surprise update today after the Meta Gaming Showcase, as it was announced during the event itself. The free update adds the fan-favorite The Mercenaries mode along with a few new additions.

The Mercenaries was first introduced in the original Resident Evil 4 and allowed players to choose from a variety of different characters from the game to fight against waves of enemies. The object is to get the highest score and survive in the time allotted, though there are pickups around the map that will extend the time.

The mode returns to Resident Evil 4 VR today and brings new features exclusive to the Quest 2 title, such as ranked online leaderboards. There are also 20 challenges to complete that offer specific scenarios and restrictions, including a knife being the only usable weapon or filling the map with fog that can impair vision greatly.

Completing these challenges will reward players with various modifiers like Big Head Mode, black-and-white Classic Horror Mode, or golden skins for guns. These modifiers can be used in the main campaign alongside the challenges themselves.

Resident Evil 4 VR launched exclusively for the Quest 2 headset last October and quickly became one of the best Quest 2 games. Developer Armature Studios was able to adapt Capcom's critically acclaimed survival and action horror game to VR with first-person shooting and motion controls. The free mode and other new additions continue to solidify its place on the list.

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