Pandora today updated its Android application to finally bring about a proper design for tablets. 

The revamp smartly covers both portrait and landscape orientations, though the latter looks a little weird until you get two or three album covers onto the screen. No matter, though, it's absolutely an update you'll want to snag.

With the redesign you get easier access to your playlists, song lyrics and other sharing and purchasing options. Pretty self-explanatory, actually. 

Chromecast support? Or Samsung Multiscreen? (Or both?)

Pandora and Samsung Multiscreen

By the way — an earlier version of the Google Play listing apparently showed off a Chromecast-like sharing button (as spotted by several Android blogs). Chromecast support is absolutely a feature we want to see in Pandora, and some now-removed HTML clues lead us to believe it'll probably happen.

Google's Chromecast and Samsung's Multiscreen both use the same icon for sharing.

But it also needs to be noted that the Chromecast-like icon also is what Samsung is using for its Multiscreen sharing capabilities, as announced this week at the Samsung Developers Conference in San Francisco. Indeed, we saw the Pandora app demoed with that exact sharing button.  (Check out the Pandora section in the Keynote video here.)

The screen shot on Google Play has since been pulled — not surprising given that support for Samsung Multiscreen (again, officially coming) or Chromecast (not yet official) isn't available just yet.

But it's only a matter of time before we see Pandora streaming to your TV or home entertainment center, one way or another.