A better tablet interface joins the features in the Opera browser, and a new blink engine should make the whole experience faster

Opera has updated their Android application today, and along with a bump to Chromium 31 for the internal browser engine brings an all-new tablet UI and a handful of bug fixes. The new tablet layout isn't just a scaled-up version of the phone app, the folks at Opera say they have tuned every element to take advantage of the larger screen size. Of course, things like off-road mode and the speed dial new tab page are still in place.

The full list of changes:

  • based on chromium 31
  • new UI for tablet devices
  • improvements in search engine list
  • new remote debugging feature (requires new permissions)
  • fixed issue with fullscreen video playback
  • fixed issue with HW back button on Discover
  • fixed issue with viewport size in new tab
  • fixed issue with keybord staying on screen
  • fixed issue with page reload when leaving text input in off-road pages
  • various stabilization and performance improvements

We know plenty of people are big fans of Opera and their business philosophy, and it looks like you'll have a great new version to use. You can grab it at the Google Play link above.

Source: Opera