Shield Tablet K1

With the launch of the new Shield Tablet K1 and the swift move of the original Shield Tablet to end-of-life status, NVIDIA has stated that it commits to a Marshmallow update for both tablets. The new Shield Tablet K1 is of course launching with Android 5.1.1 Lollipop, quite the same build that we see on the original, which really is unfortunate but feels a bit better knowing that Marshmallow is on the way.

The two tablets will be on slightly different paths though, it seems, as NVIDIA is saying the new Shield Tablet K1 will see Marshmallow "before the holidays" and the original Shield Tablet has no such time frame. That's not quite as good as the new tablet shipping with Marshmallow out of the box, but it's not far off.

Knowing that the original Shield Tablet is slated for an update is a bit of a relief for those who bought it and aren't compelled to pick up the newer model just to get Android 6.0, and considering the hardware similarities between the two we wouldn't expect the updates to be far apart.