NVIDIA Shield Tablet

Tablet pre-orders will ship in the U.S. and Europe on Sept. 30

Today's the day you can plop down a chunk of your local currency to pre-order the NVIDIA Shield Tablet with an LTE connection and 32GB of storage. The pre-order price for this higher-end model of the Shield Tablet comes in at $399 here in the U.S., and gets you the exact same Shield Tablet but with double the internal storage and the ability to connect to mobile data networks.

We've worked up a full list of HSPA+ and LTE frequencies that the Shield Tablet LTE will connect to, but NVIDIA points out that it does have full certification from AT&T to run on its network. That'll presumably give it the "best" performance on AT&T, but the tablet is completely unlocked and you'll have no problem connecting to any number of networks around the world so long as you purchase the right data plan made for tablets.

Along with the announcement of Shield Tablet LTE pre-orders, NVIDIA is also making three more Tegra K1-optimized games available for those with the tablet. Beach Buggy Racing, BombSquad and Broadsword will be available soon, bringing the total number of Tegra K1-optimized titles up to 12 that look and play best on devices with the latest NVIDIA processor.

If you've been holding out on your Shield Tablet purchase for the LTE version, you can get one from the NVIDIA store, or from a number of retailers including Amazon, Best Buy, Fry's, GameStop and Newegg in the U.S. starting today. Availability in Europe will vary by country, and you can find out more on specific retailers from NVIDIA's site.

Source: NVIDIA