Nexus S demonstrates its video recording capabilities.

Despite Eric Schmidt showing off what we believe to be the Nexus S at last month's Web 2.0 summit, Google has been very tight-lipped about its new flagship device.  Thanks to a Picasa gallery that has since been removed, we got to take a look at some photos that are rumored to have been taken with the yet to be announced Samsung device.  And today, thanks to somebody who hopefully won't lose his or her job, we get to check out the video recording capabilities of the Nexus S, and Google's pimpin' bus fully equipped with leather seats.

Check out the video after the break!


Personally, I don't think it's too bad.  Watching the 720p clip, I'm not seeing much noise in the low-light areas.  There's obviously some compression going on, but that's to be expected from a flash video.  Given how poorly lit the scene is, I'd say it's a rather impressive demonstration.  Looks like the frame rate drops a bit at times, but that's probably due to the image sensor accomodating the low light. And the audio doesn't sound horribly compressed either, so that's great.

We have no idea when Google is going to announce the Nexus S, but it'll probably be at the same time they announce Gingerbread.  However, this steady stream of leaks is holding us over quite well.  [Engadget