Android 7.1.1 Nexus 6P

With the arrival of the Google Pixel phones, Nexus phones like last year's 5X and 6P were left in the unusual position of being out-of-step with the latest Android software. Google's phones had a monopoly on Android 7.1 for their first couple of months on the market, with a finalized version of 7.1.1 not arriving for other devices until recent weeks.

But now, Nexus owners can get their hands Nougat's first official maintenance release, bringing with it features like quick app shortcuts, new emoji and support for image keyboards — along with the usual bug fixes. And that's a good thing, since the initial Android 7.0 rollout for the 6P in particular was beset by battery life issues and other glitches.

Nexus phones are up-to-date on 7.1.1, but miss out on some key Pixel features.

So whether you've updated manually, through the Android beta program or over-the-air, now's your chance to let us know how Android 7.1.1 is working out on your Nexus. Is it everything you hoped it would be? Has it fixed any nagging bugs in version 7.0? Are you happy with the barebones Nougat experience Google delivered, or pining for Pixel-exclusive features like night mode and fingerprint scanner shortcuts? Maybe you're still waiting for that OTA notification to pop up.

Hit the comments and let us know how you're getting on with Android 7.1.1 on your phone or tablet. And be sure to mention which device you're using, and how you updated your device.

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