Nexus 7 display brightness

This is one of those simple things that'll leave you kicking yourself, but that doesn't make it any less important. Noznarf in our Nexus 7 forums writes:

Just got my Nexus 7 yesterday and i've encountered a problem already. I charged the device for a couple of hours and was excited to start it up.

As soon as i started the device, I got the Google logo, followed by the Nexus symbol, and then just a black screen. I've tried rebooting in recovery mode to no avail.

When I press and hold the power button for 10+ seconds the Google screen will show, then some 10 seconds afterwards you gets the multi-coloured Nexus symbol and then nothing happens again.

The fix is simple enough, as dparrothead1 points out. You're not stuck in a bootloop. There's nothing wrong with the display. All you have to do is struggle through the setup and fix the auto brightness in the settings. Nicely done.

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