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Why talk about it, when we can just show you? OK, so we'll talk about it a little bit. It turns out the Nexus 7 can shoot 720p video from its front facing camera. It's pretty cool --, and the fine folks over at XDA Developers are to thank for bringing this little nugget to the world's attention. But, is it really that useful? Maybe, maybe not -- that all depends on your particular outlook and potential use case for such a thing. But, 720p is 720p. It still isn't the greatest quality video in the world though, but enabling the feature isn't all that difficult. 

So, the first way is the XDA way. One of the devs over there discovered that the camera natively supports shooting at 720p, but that Google left out the media profiles that allow its functionality. To enable it, there's some modifying of xml files required, and the full details can be had over at the source link below. 

But, some of us are lazy. So, there is another way. An application in the Google Play Store called Camera JB+ has just received an update that enables the functionality. It's a paid app, and costs £1.49/$1.99 and is essentially the stock Jelly Bean camera app, but with some added tweaks and is available also on ICS. The same developers brought us a similar app previously based around the ICS camera. With this, no modifying of anything potentially scary is involved, and when you open up the camera app there is a option sat waiting for 480p/720p video recording. 

We might want it, simply because we can have it. But then again, if you do happen to record yourself using a front facing camera from time to time, it might well be a welcome modification. Whether you choose the lazy way -- like a certain Android Central author -- or the nerdier way is entirely up to you. 

Source: XDA Developers