The folks over at the iFixit team have given the Nexus 5X a proper teardown, allowing us to get a glimpse of a side of the phone we wouldn't normally see. Most of the time when you buy a new electronic, you get to admire the beauty from the outside, but the iFixit team likes to give you a different view. The Nexus 5X teardown doesn't reveal anything that we don't already know about the phone, but it does show us just how much room that 2700mAh battery takes up inside.

Additionally, you can see that there are tons of chips packed closely on the motherboard, and the USB Type-C connector is soldered to it as well. The fingerprint sensor is connected to the plastic midframe, and is held in place with spring contacts. As previously stated, most of us will only ever see the phone from the outside, so it's kind of cool to be able to get a glimpse inside at what makes it work the way it does.

Source: iFixit

Nexus 5X


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