MIUI ROM for the Nexus One

Here's a neat twist for folks using the Nexus One or Desire, MIUI -- a "from-source" ROM from a Chinese group that takes the best things from vanilla Froyo (Android 2.2), TouchWiz, and of all things, Apple's iOS and bastardizes them into something tha really shows some promise.  It's full of features you wouldn't expect, like dedicated SMS and dialer buttons on the lock screen that unlock the phone and takes you right to the app, working FM radio, a built in screenshot function, and a launcher with an adjustable bottom bar, notification shade controls, and home screen changes much like we see on the new TouchWiz.

It's also full of bugs, and a good portion of the ROM is in Chinese.  The developer is quick to point out that this is not ready for prime time by any means, and they never intended for it to be localized in other areas.  But (and it's a big but) if you like to tinker you should give it a look, because someone else has shown interest in the ROM ... a fellow who goes by the handle Cyanogen.  Hit the break to see a video demo of the ROM and some screenshots from my own Nexus.  For more info, and downloads, hit the source link. [MIUI via XDA-Developers] Thanks teleknEsis!

YouTube link for mobile viewing

build info  Add and delete widgets

editing homescreens  folders

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