Blizzard Entertainment gave a more specific release date today for the long awaited Android tablet version of their hit online trading card game Hearthstone, The company announced during the Blizzcon 2014 keynote that it will launch for those devices sometime in December. That's also the time frame that Blizzard is targeting to release a new expansion to the game, Gobins vs Gnomes.

The expansion will add over 120 new cards to the game, along with a new minion type called Mechs. Blizzard states:

Much like the Alarm-o-Bot and Harvest Golem, these quirky contraptions have been built to pack a creative spring-loaded punch to your game. Goblins vs Gnomes will introduce both neutral and class-specific Mechs, so prepare for things to get interesting!

The game is already out for the PC. Mac and iPad. Android smartphones and iPhones will have their chance to get Heartstone sometime in early 2015. Is Blizzard moving fast enough to get the game to more platforms?

Source: Hearthstone