Samsung's next big flagship is the Galaxy Note 10, and it'll be here in just a matter of days. We're expecting big things from this year's new Note, and while there's a lot of excitement building around it, that hasn't stopped me from looking further ahead into the future.

Specifically, I'm already daydreaming about what Samsung is preparing for us in early 2020 with the Galaxy S11.

I know, I know — we're still over six months away before the S11 will likely be unveiled. Even so, I wanted to take some time today to talk about a few of the features I'm hoping to see the most in the upcoming phone.

A centered camera cutout

The Galaxy S10 already has incredibly thin bezels, and part of the way Samsung achieved this was by making a cutout for the front-facing camera in the display as to get rid of the top bezel.

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I'm personally a fan of the hole-punch design, and while its implementation doesn't look bad on the S10, I'd like to see it moved from the right corner to the center on the S11.

While this wouldn't offer any functional differences or improvements, it would bring some nice symmetry to the S11's design. All of the Note 10 renders are pointing to it having a centered hole-punch, so it'd make sense for Samsung to bring it over to the S11, too.

90Hz display

Speaking of the display, another improvement I'd like to see on the Galaxy S11 is a 90Hz display.

Most smartphones in 2019 have the traditional 60Hz refresh rate, and while there's nothing inherently wrong with that, higher refresh rates look so darn good. One of the few phones to have a 90Hz refresh rate is the OnePlus 7 Pro, and when used side-by-side with the Galaxy S10, there's a very noticeable difference in smoothness when doing scrolling or swiping of any kind.

I have to imagine that Samsung will jump on the 90Hz bandwagon at some point, and if it's not with the Note 10, the S11 seems like the perfect place to start.

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Radically improved cameras

Samsung used to be one of the undisputed leaders with its smartphone cameras, but over the years, it's taken a backseat to the likes of Google and Huawei. The Galaxy S10 camera package isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination, but there are better options out there.

I'd love to see Samsung make a return to form with jaw-dropping cameras on the Galaxy S11, and thankfully, it looks like there's a good chance of that happening.

This past May, Samsung announced an all-new 64MP camera sensor that's capable of capturing 480 FPS video at a crispy 1080 Full HD. In other words, it's incredibly powerful. We've yet to see the new sensor make an appearance in any of Samsung's smartphones, but the S11 is shaping up to be that device.

We still aren't 100% sure how photos with the new sensor will look side-by-side compared to what's offered in Samsung flagships right now, but I'm hoping to see especially significant improvements when it comes to low-light photography.

Faster wired charging

We've seen some impressive feats from in the smartphone market in regards to charging speeds. OnePlus's 30W Warp Charge system gets the OnePlus 7 Pro from 0% to 50% in just 20 minutes. Even more impressive, Huawei offers 40W charging to get the P30 Pro from 0% to 70% in a mere 30 minutes.

With the Galaxy S10 and every Samsung flagship since the Galaxy S6, you're stuck with Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 that maxes out with wired charging speeds of only 15W.

Similar to the camera, this is another area where improvements seem very likely.

The Galaxy Note 10 is rumored to come with charging speeds of either 25W or 45W, and while we aren't sure which number is accurate of what'll be offered on the final product, either one would be a massive improvement over what we have today.

If the Note 10 ships with faster charging speeds, it only makes sense for that to also be offered with the S11.

No Bixby button

Lastly, I'd really love to see the Bixby button pack its bags and never show its face again. Samsung has made things better with the remap feature that debuted earlier this year, but I'd prefer for it to disappear altogether.

Circling back to the Note 10, renders of the phone might offer some indication of what we'll see with the Galaxy S11.

From what we've seen so far, the Note 10 doesn't have the traditional power button on the right side. The left-mounted "Bixby button" still exists, but it's assumed that it'll now double as a power and Bixby button in one — similar to what's found on the iPhone XS's Siri/power button.

That's a step in the right direction, but I imagine having the power button moved to the left frame will feel awkward and out-of-place. I'd like to see the power/Bixby button combo on the Galaxy S11 as well, but moved over to the right frame where the power button usually lives.

What do you want to see?

That's what I want to see in the Galaxy S11, but now I'd love to hear from you!

What are you looking forward to the most in Samsung's first flagship for 2020? Whether it's a pop-up selfie camera, improved face unlock, or anything else in between, let me know what you're thinking down in the comments below!

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