Samsung has announced that in the first two weeks of availability, more people have pre-ordered the Galaxy Note 8 in the U.S. than any previous Note — yes, including the initially very-well-received Note 7. Part of the strong initial sales can likely be attributed to the nice pre-order deals offering lucrative free gifts like a Gear 360, DeX dock, SDcard and wireless charger.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 5

But then we also have to remember the huge pent-up demand for a new Note following the Note 7's removal from the market. There are tons of Note 4 owners out there who managed to hold onto their phone for another year rather than jump ship, Note 5 owners who normally would've upgraded every year and also those who are just flowing right into their two-year upgrade cycle as if the Note 7 never existed anyway. And with the extreme similarities between the Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy S8+, this just shows how strong that "Note" brand still is.

People are clearly still tied to the 'Note' brand above all else.

Samsung of course won't relay exact sales numbers, but we'll get a better feeling for those in its next quarterly financial report. The best indicator of how well the Note 8 is doing will have to come in two more quarters, once it has tallied up the year-end holiday sales period that's historically the strongest of the year for smartphones.

One little nugget at the end of the announcement from Samsung says that if you pre-order the Galaxy Note 8 directly from the company now, it will be upgraded to expedited shipping and will be expected to arrive before the technical September 15 launch date. Considering that we've already seen some pre-orders arriving over a week early, this isn't super surprising — but having phones ship ahead of schedule is always a good thing.

Were you one of the early Note 8 pre-orders that led to this sales record? Let us know in the comments below!

Samsung Galaxy Note 8


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