FroYo on the Nexus One

Yes that is a real picture, even though it's blurry as all get out. (Never claimed to be a photographer :P) No, I didn't get a magic OTA from Phil while he was at Google I/O, it's a 2.2 SDK emulator virtual machine ported over to run on the Nexus One.  I'm not the only one doing such outlandish things either. It's mostly for the novelty, and now I can say I have FroYo on my Nexus.  It crashes (a lot), not much works, and it's a real PITA to do, but for those who feel the need, links, instructions and a couple more pics are after the break.

Make sure you really want to do this.  As always, there's potential to really hose things up, and nobody wants a $529.00 shiny brick.

1. Download this zip file

2. Place both images in your SDK/tools folder


3. Boot your N1 to fastboot mode

4. At the terminal or command prompt:

  • fastboot flash boot froyo_emu_boot.img
  • fastboot flash system froyo_system_emu.img
  • fastboot reboot

If this all reads like Greek to you, you're better off not even trying.  A few weeks and we all should have it on our N1's.

FroYo on the Nexus One - homescreenFroYo on the Nexus One - Lockscreen