The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the new kid on the block, and for a limited time, when you buy a shiny new Galaxy Note 9 with AT&T Next you can get another Note 9 (128GB), Galaxy S9 or S9+ for FREE.

To be eligible for this deal, you'll be required to sign up for at least one new line with AT&T and must buy on AT&T's upgrade program AT&T Next or AT&T Next Every Year.

  • AT&T Next phone payments: $33.34/month for 30 months
  • AT&T Next Every Year phone payments: $41.67/month for 24 months

The Fine Print

  • Discount will be applied as monthly billing credits (within 3 bills) (up to $1000 in total)
  • Can apply discount towards a Note9 512GB (discounted but not free)
  • Only valid with new lines on a minimum $65/month postpaid plan (after autopay and paperless bill discount)
  • Existing customers can add a line to their current account
  • If you cancel service early, the remaining balance on the phone will be due
  • Activation/upgrade fee: $30/line

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