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Say what you want about CNN -- and between the new "HLN" and Nancy Grace, I could say plenty -- you have to hand it to whomever designed its new Honeycomb tablet app. It's a model for how to deftly handle an overflow of news without completely overwhelming the senses. 

That's not to say I don't continue to chuckle at the main screen, which can display thumbnails of some 300-odd stories and as nicknamed the "broadsheet" -- an old print term. But for the most part, it's a very well done news app. You have nice thumbnails of stories, which take you to nicely designed story pages. There's plenty of rich content to go around, including video and photo galleries.

For you budding "iReporters" -- don't get me started on that one, either -- you can record and upload "iReports" (sign) straight from the tablet, as it should be.

So while the quality of the news ain't exactly Daniel Schorr anymore, the quality of the CNN tablet app does more than enough to prop it up.