Skin covers are vital for proper protection — serving as the backbone for many cases for the Galaxy S6. Their job of absorbing impacts and enhancing grip around your device can't be matched, unless doubled with a polycarbonate shell. Body Glove's Satin Case, however, does the job all on its own while keeping a reasonably slim form.

What's great about this skin case is how durable it feels in your hand. It wears both smooth and rugged textures that truly enhance your grip — providing that sense of security that many other traditional skins just don't. The brushed aluminum texture on the back of the case, combined with high gloss accents certainly give the Galaxy S6 a rugged appeal. And, thankfully, it's not a dust-magnet.

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There's complete access to the ports and buttons of the Galaxy S6, keeping things simple rather than fighting with port covers each time you need to charge or plug in your aux cable. Inside the Satin Case is a hexagonal tiling that's slightly elevated, assisting in shock dissipation. There's also protection against damage you can't see — we're talking anti-microbial.

"We've embedded an anti-microbial agent that prevents the growth of odor, stain-causing bacteria, and other microorganisms that are byproducts of taking your phone everywhere with you."

The case on its own is flexible enough to easily install around the Galaxy S6, yet its material is wear resistant — meaning you won't get those loose fitting areas you'd see on cheap skins over time. We also tested it with a couple charging pads, determining there were no issues whatsoever with wireless charging.

The verdict

Without a doubt, Body Glove's Satin Case for the Galaxy S6 is an excellent cover, providing ample protection against impacts and bacteria. It's not flashy in design, but still shows its quality inside and out. If you're looking to add some grip to your Galaxy S6 without bulking it up, this case is worth the investment.

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