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Best USB-C portable chargers & power banks 2022

USB-C Power Banks
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The power delivery standard has paved the way for a new wave of USB-C battery packs that are both powerful and portable. While there are some massive power banks aimed more at charging laptops or powering devices through long camping trips, we rank the lighter and cheaper models as the most reliable option when considering the best USB-C charger. Because of their lightweight nature, less expensive chargers tend to quickly power a phone while you're sitting down for lunch or store easily in your pocket during long days out and about. So whether you prefer your power banks, big or small, these are the best ones around.

Small and sturdy makes for the best USB-C portable charger

Again, we prefer smaller portable batteries that live up to the name "portable," which is why the phone-sized Anker PowerCore Slim 10,000mAh PD and the credit-card-sized Zendure SuperMini are two of our favorites. They're easy to fit in a pocket or purse, and they'll give your phone another 10 to 20 hours of life easily. The Anker option is more affordable, and its shape makes it easier to accommodate, but some prefer the smaller, thicker size of the Zendure. We certainly prefer the bolder colors on the SuperMini. That metallic red and metallic blue just pop.

Turning to more beefy models, while Anker's bundle is of the highest quality, it's also of the highest price, so unless you already lack a USB-C wall charger, you're probably better off buying the RAVPower 90W PD Pioneer Power Bank. It's less than half the price but charges phones and laptops just as fast. If it is more capacity that you are looking for, there are plenty of excellent high-capacity battery packs to choose from, but remember that you won't be able to fly with one of them due to the large battery cell size.

Chris Wedel
Chris Wedel
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