Best Tablets for Best Buy Curbside Pick-up Android Central 2021

It's a crazy time to live in as more and more folks are beginning to work from home. With various stores seeing different hours and shipping times beginning to slip, Best Buy is coming to the rescue. The company has started offering cubrside pickup services, making it easy to snag a great deal on a tablet to help you get some work done, or to sit back and try to relax. Here are the best tablets that you can get from Best Buy's curbside service!

Galaxy Tab S6

Productivity workhorse: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Samsung's flagship tablet is the perfect workhorse for those who need something a little more versatile than a computer. With the gorgeous 10.5-inch display, along with 128GB of expandable storage, 15-hours of battery life, and an option keyboard cover, the Tab S6 is perfect for everything you may need.

$550 at Best Buy
Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids 2019 Cropped Render

Let the kids play: Samsung Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition

Sometimes the kids need a tablet too, especially if school has been postponed. The Galaxy Tab A Kids Edition is perfect with its included bumper, along with up to 32GB of expandable storage, and parental controls. These ensure that your children are doing what they are supposed to be, and not getting sucked down the YouTube rabbit hole.

$150 at Best Buy
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10 1 2019 Cropped Render

Great for movies: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1"

Samsung's Galaxy Tab A doesn't have a lot of extra frills, and that's okay. The 10.1-inch display is perfect for streaming content around the house, or playing some games. And with the microSD card slot, you can add up to 512GB of storage, which should be more than enough for your video library.

$230 at Best Buy
Apple iPad Pro 11 2020 Cropped Render

Latest and greatest: Apple iPad Pro 2020

Apple's 2020 iPad Pro lineup looks extremely similar to that of the 2018 line, with some minor changes. First you'll get a secondary camera on the back, and a slightly-upgraded chipset under the hood. This new iPad Pro is the workhorse of the tablet market and there's a reason why more and more people are using this to get work done.

From $800 at Best Buy
Apple iPad Mini Cropped Render

Forgo the big screen: Apple iPad mini

The iPad Mini doesn't care about slimmer bezels or FaceID, as the tablet is just supposed to be light and portable. With a 7.9-inch Retina display, and TouchID, you get a great iOS experience in a small package. Plus, Apple has included support for the Apple Pencil if you want to pick one up to take notes or draw some doodles.

$350 at Best Buy
Apple iPad 2019 Wifi Cropped Render

Great for starters: Apple iPad with Wi-Fi

Despite the iPad's 4-year old processor, Apple has fine-tuned the tablet to still be able to handle many tasks that you throw at it. That includes being able to use Apple's Smart Keyboard if you need to get some work done. And with iPadOS 13.4, you can even pair a mouse or trackpad to the tablet, giving you more of a desktop-like experience.

$330 at Best Buy
Microsoft Surface Pro 7 Cropped Render

A true 2-in-1: Microsoft Surface Pro 7

If you want a full operating system experience on a tablet, then you can't go wrong with the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. This 2-in-1 features 10th Gen Intel Core processors with both USB-C and USB-A ports and up to 10.5-hours of battery life. And if you want to grab a keyboard, Microsoft's Type Cover, you'll have everything you need for any situation.

$699 at Best Buy
Microsoft Surface Pro X Cropped Render

ARM chips: Microsoft Surface Pro X

Having an LTE-connected tablet is something that cannot be understated, especially if your home WiFi is taking a beating. The Surface Pro X gives this to Windows users, while being powered by the SQ1 custom processor from Microsoft and Qualcomm. Although not all apps have been optimized for this chipset, you can use Edge or Chrome to continue accessing much of what you may need.

$1,000 at Best Buy
Amazon Fire Hd 10 2019 Cropped Render

Android with Amazon: Amazon Fire HD 10 2019

Amazon's latest tablet provides up to 12 hours of battery life with the 10.1-inch display. This makes the Fire HD 10 perfect for watching the expansive Amazon Video library of movies and TV shows. Plus, there's a microSD card slot allowing you to store some of your favorites right on the tablet for later.

$150 at Best Buy
Amazon Fire 7 Kids Cropped Render

Alexa for kids: Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition

It's great to have a tablet for the kids, and with the Fire 7 Kids Edition, you get a 2-year "worry-free guarantee." This ensures that your tablet will be protected even if your children tend to throw things around like a football. And with Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, your children will have access to more than 20,000 apps and educational content to enjoy.

$100 at Best Buy
Amazon Fire 7 2019 Cropped Render

Great for everyone: Amazon Fire 7 2019

Whether you are an Amazon "veteran" or just getting started, the Fire 7 is a great tablet. You get hands-free Alexa voice services, along with either 16GB or 32GB of expandable storage, and up to 7 hours of battery life. Perhaps the best use for this tablet is to sit back and read some comics, or to catch up on a few TV shows.

$50 at Best Buy
PBS Kids Playtime Pad Cropped Render

Preloaded educational games: PBS Kids Playtime Pad

The PBS Kids Playtime Pad features more than 120 different pieces of content for your children to enjoy. Plus, there are over 25 educational games to go along with the PBS Kids App which adds even more fun. With the Playtime Pad, you won't have to worry about your children wandering elsewhere while they are trying to learn at home.

$80 at Best Buy

There's a tablet for everyone and all your needs

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 S Pen Holder Source: Android Central

Tablets can come in handier than ever before as many of these are more powerful than you get from some similarly-priced laptops. The touchscreens, removable keyboards, and stylus compatibility make for some impressive ways to get work done and/or learn new things.

Those wanting the best Android tablet experience with easy curbside pickup from Best Buy won't want to look past the Galaxy Tab S6. You'll get 128GB of onboard, yet expandable, storage, along with included S Pen to jot notes or draw some doodles. And if you grab Samsung's Book Cover Keyboard, you'll get a portable desktop experience with the benefits of Android apps.

If you're someone who wants to dabble in the iOS ecosystem, and need to get some work done, you'll not be disapppointed by the 2020 iPad Pro. This newly-launched tablet comes in two different sizes, and the software acts more and more like a futuristic fully-fledged operating system, instead of one with a slew of limitations. You just may want to pick up either the Apple Pencil or a Smart Keyboard Folio to expand the workflow.

When it comes time for your kids to settle down and consume some educational content, then the Amazon Fire 7 Kids Edition is absolutely perfect. The tablet includes an adjustable protective case with a built-in kickstand so your little ones can prop it up anyway they like. And with Amazon FreeTime, you can set various limitations including goals, curfews, and you can even create multiple child profiles.

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